Personal and Professional Coach Training

Spencer Institute strives to help individuals achieve extraordinary results and create positive change in the society by offering outstanding Life Coach Training, Sports psychology Classes, Nutrition Coaching Courses, Wellness Coach Certification Programs, Holistic Education and more. These courses and programs can be completed in the institute’s easy-to-follow and user-friendly online classroom. Spencer Institute aims to help you start or develop your coaching career by providing a step-by-step career blueprint. Students can access to unparalleled support, unlimited mentorship and guidance all throughout their studies to ensure their success. It provides a variety of Coaching Certification Programs, which include: Wellness Coach Certification This service goes beyond coaching models used in wellness coaching today. Students will learn important concepts related to the entire coaching experience. They will receive comprehensive trainings to be a coach and apply the skills to clients. Life Strategies Coach Certification This is the beginning of your coaching career. If you’re new to the coaching industry and haven’t developed a certain niche yet, this is where you should start. Our comprehensive, accelerated training program will provide its graduates with skill sets to offer coaching services to a variety of clients, including professionals, busy executives and even those with weight challenges and elite athletes. Certified Results Coach In this course, you will learn high-level yet very easy-to-follow methodologies and strategies to help your clients achieve the results they want. We used innovative techniques in our propriety system, which include Hemispheric Integration and Neuro Lingualistic Programming. You will also receive trainings on our highly efficient CRC method for eliminating anxiety, phobias, fear and other feelings that hinder individuals from reaching their full potential. Sleep Science Coach Become an instrument to helping your students dramatically improve their memory, immune function, enhance their hormone balance, metabolism, sports performance, disease prevention, surgery recovery, happiness, good judgment and one-hundred additional behaviors and functions. You will help your clients improve the quality of their sleep or have enough sleep. Being a certified Sleep Science Coach will allow you to have access to innovative tools, new knowledge, resources and expert credential to help people. Corporate Wellness Coach Obtain a valuable credential, increase your career options and enhance your education while helping others have an improved life quality. Become a corporate wellness coach and help others evolve their careers. Lifestyle Fitness Coach This program provides you specific tactics, methods, systems, strategies and tools to enhance your clients’ overall life through health fitness and health lifestyle designs. Personal Fitness Chef Certification A perfect career for nutrition, fitness, health and wellness professionals who want to add opportunity and creativity to their career. This program will allow you to learn more than nine ways to make aa living while improving your clients’ happiness and health. Mind Body Fitness Certification Share the gift of a healthy body, mind and spirit with your valued clients with our distance accelerated program and training. This program will allow you to learn a variety of methods to combining the body and mind fitness to achieve the beautiful and happy results they desire for an improved well-being. Other incredible services that Spencer Institute provides include: § Master Health and Wellness Coach Certification § Online Coach Certification § Sports Psychology Coach Certification § Sports Hypnosis Certification § Green Living Coach Certification § Holistic Life Coach Certification § Stress Management Coach Certification § Brain Fitness Coach Certification § Design Psychology Coach Certification

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